Find the Summer Programs You Are Looking For

Type the word, “summer” into the Midwest Transportation Workforce Center Clearinghouse search feature and 84 different resources will be displayed. These include a variety of summer programs for age groups ranging from elementary school through high school. Additionally, you’ll find summer internship opportunities for students entering the workforce or exploring their career options. Now is the time of year to make your summer plans, and the MTWC Clearinghouse is your first stop for finding transportation career resources in the Midwest, and beyond.

Continuously growing, the newly launched search feature was added to the MTWC website in January with over 1300 resources for developing transportation talent in the Midwest. The database has a particularly rich offering for educators and parents looking for career awareness opportunities for their students.

Among summer programs in the database, you will find over a dozen opportunities explicitly catering to girls and women and 40 resources focused on engineering occupations.

The curated database makes it easy to find the right resources with its detailed information on each listing. Search results can be filtered by the state where the program is offered, by age group, or half a dozen other categories.

The MTWC website is a clearinghouse for all things related to the transportation talent pipeline in the Midwest. With MTWC, you can connect with your peers, share best practices, read about others’ successes, and help define and develop the Midwest strategy for transportation talent development.

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